Water pipes are frozen in my place. Iowa is cold!

Posted By avannoy on Feb 10, 2014 | 0 comments

Nothing like having frozen water pipes in my place here in Iowa. It’s gotten pretty cold here.


Yes that says -14° on the dial on my car! I will gets very cold, and it stays that way for quite sometime! As of Sunday night when I’m writing this we are now down to only 3°. It will drop even colder tonight. And hoping that it gets up really warm sometime tomorrow so it finally thought my pipes out. However I know better I think Wednesday will be when I finally have water in my place again. I’m having to scrounge where to shower. I am grabbing buckets from the outside faucet that is Frostproof and caring them into my place to flush toilets. My cats were mad at me when I put snow out for them to drink.


Both Matilda and Lucy pictured in the picture above were looking at me like are you crazy Aaron!?

It was the only water I could really get too quickly. They didn’t like it so I had to go get a bucket of water.

Nothing says cold like -22°

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