Pinball machine lineup as of September 19, 2013 Iowa City

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Well, since the beginning of the year, I’ve seen 5 arcade games come and go! All three pinball machines were purchased dead/non-working order. ┬áSolar Ride was actually the easiest one for me to fix, it’s a System 1 and boards simply needed to be replaced due to lack of parts to repair it. Gotta love really old solid state electronics. It did however cost quite a bit. About $300 for two boards and a bit more for parts for the playfield.

The two electromechanical pinball machines (Aztec and TopTen) were much more of a challenge. Looking at wire diagrams and tracing things back to where things weren’t having continuity. It took hours and hours of time. Only a little bit for parts. However, the amount of time is below minimum wage if you do the math. It’s a labor a love. I’m not sure how people can really make a profit doing it.

Aztec pinball, Solar Ride Pinball and Top Ten pinball machines

From left to right: Aztec pinball by Williams, Solar Ride Pinball by Gottlieb and Top Ten pinball machines Chicago Coin.

I currently have Monte Carlo. It’s a Premier/Gottlieb game. I’ve actually already owned this game before. It’s actually quite fun with it’s three ball multiball.

Monte Carlo Pinball machine by Gottlieb/Premier

Monte Carlo Pinball machine by Gottlieb/Premier

Just tonight I picked up a Volcano (System 80) by Gottlieb. Below is a picture of the two newest additions. The Volcano doesn’t work just yet. There is Acid damage on the board and connectors need to be replaced. The Monte Carlo works fully. I’ve been cleaning it and hope to re-rubber it soon. The great news is, I went from a row a single ball games. Now both of these game have a three ball multiball! I kinda find the multi ball somewhat anticlimactic on Monte Carlo, because of the 10,000,000 timed shot. If you don’t get that shot, you simply will not be putting your initials on the pinball machine.Volcano and Monte Carlo pinball machines

Volcano and Monte Carlo pinball machines up the the house!


  1. Hi, I’m looking for some repair advice on my Bally Pools Sharks pinball. I have no score display on any player. All other lights and functions are fine. Is this something I might be able to fix by replacing a board? I can read fluke meter but schematics are a challenge. Thanks in advance. John in Cedar Rapids

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  2. John,

    Thanks for posting! I’ve sent you an email with all of my contact information. It could be several things on that game. Unfortunate Bally/Williams/Stern all used high powered displays on there games. Gottlieb uses low voltage displays and as a result they rarely go out (but that maybe the ONLY thing that Gottlieb ever got right). I’d check to make sure that all boards inside of your pinball machine are getting power, and the correct amount of power at that. If not, check the fuse first. But rarely is fixing a pinball machine just a blown fuses!!

    If you need any help, feel free to call.


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