No godaddy emails arrive via online form. Sub-directory website.

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First off, GoDaddy will tell you that isn’t NOT there fault. They do this out of standard practice.

If you are having this problem this maybe your website’s setup. One website is in the main directory and you started another website hosted off of the same account in a sub directory (ex /main/sub-directory/) This sub-directory can go to another url/domain name. For example I host out of a sub-directory of /htdocs/ file folder on (You will not have this problem on powweb) But I work for a company that hosts everything out of Godaddy.

You as a user can NOT fix this issue. You have to call Godaddy and convince them that you used another email address and the online form works just fine to any other email address, except for a godaddy hosted account. Once they realize that a setting on the server is yet again wrong and needs to be changed this problem will be fixed. You can now stop using a workaround and setting up forward rules. I never did it, but I was thinking of doing it because convincing people at GoDaddy that i know more then they do isn’t often easy to do.

They will tell you that they will.. “resink/reconfigure on the port” but guess what when that still doesn’t work… you have to call them and tell them to change it to the “Remote domain name” for contact forms. The low end access level person that you talk to can NOT change this setting. They will have to contact someone else. The good news is.. once it’s done.. it’s DONE! You can stop using two emails on the form.

I had to restate multiple times that emails going to a gmail account worked fine. But emails going to a hosted domain name didn’t work at all.

Did I mention that I had to restate… Oh yeah. 🙂

If you have this same problem and this helped, please post below.


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