Bones Karl Urban and the Star Trek Pinball Machine

Posted By avannoy on Nov 22, 2013 | 0 comments

The actor Karl Urban who is known for playing Bones in the reboot Star Trek films is obviously an avid pinball player! Karl Urban is also an avid pinball collector according to an article on!

Mr. Karl Urban does the common “Pinball Dance” that so many of us do unconsciously when playing. In my opinion its a sign of a good player and someone who’s played pinball for more than just a promotional video! I bet he’s played quite a bit of pinball in his day. That, or he is a good actor… Wait… That is his job!

I love that Stern pinball has gotten Mr. Urban to even do a “Custom Speech Power Pack Update” for the game! I think that will only add another level of play to this already amazing game!

One thing I try to promote to non collectors, is that it’s OK to buy a pinball machine or two for your home. Once someone realizes that they can put them in there game room or “man cave” and they provide hours of entertainment. Lots are already on board! Some worry about maintenance/breakage. ┬áIf you buy a new Stern Pinball you can call 1800-Kickers for help. Lots of parts are covered! Some are worried that the games will depreciate in value. Most of the modern pinball machines these days have gone down only a bit in over all value. However if its a “HUO” or Home Use Only game, the value is usually much higher due to the lowered plays (better over all condition). Yes, condition means quite a bit when it comes down to collecting a used pinball machine.

I’m currently trying to hunt one of these Star Trek Pinball machines down so I can play one! Happy flipping!

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