Games at the 2024 IFPA Iowa State Pinball Championship that is being held at The Operating Room in Ankeny, Iowa

Below is my quick guide for personal use at the 2024 IFPA Iowa State Pinball Championship that is being held at The Operating Room in Ankeny, Iowa.

  • Tournament Date: January 20, 2024
  • Doors open at 11, Tournament Starts at 12:00

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  1. Choose: Donatello > Lights right ramp for “Turtle Power Multiball” or shoot four times to start.
  2. Ninja Pizza Multiball: Regular rock area (3 balls).
  3. Episodes: Shoot the left and right ramp to light “Start Episode.”
  4. Lair Target: Hit the target 4 times to spell LAIR (times out)
    • Complete LAIR for one of two awards:
      • Light Training if it is not already lit.
      • Light Playfield 2X.
  5. Pizza Eating Contest: 6 Seconds To Hit The Action Button As Fast As They Can To Eat Slices Of Pizza.
  6. Krang Kombo: Each time you shoot an inner loop shot, you will start the Krang Kombo timer. Shooting the inner loop again will build the value, or shoot the center ramp to collect the Krang Kombo. Note: 3 inner loops max the Krang Kombo before ramp shot.

Iron Maiden

  1. Modes:
    • Hit enough white-lit shots to spell Eddie on the screen.
    • Battle is then lit to start at the Pharaoh shot (jump ramp)
    • Completing a mode lights the Pharaoh shot (jump ramp) for a Soul Shard
    • To qualify another battle hit more white lit shots to spell Eddie again
    • It is easiest to hit the Pharaoh shot (jump ramp) to get Eddie letters, but as you progress through the modes, the number of white shots will be reduced, and the Pharaoh shot will not be available.
  2. Multiballs:
    • Mummy Multiball is the 2 ball multiball.
      • Hit the captive ball until Mummy is spelled to light lock
      • Lock the ball by hitting the Pharaoh shot
      • Hit the captive ball enough times again to spell Mummy to qualify the multiball
      • When Mummy letters are strobing then one more hit to the captive ball starts multiball
      • Enough switch hits lights the captive ball for a jackpot
    • Trooper Multiball is the 3 ball multiball.
      • Light locks by knocking down the drop targets when “Light Lock” is lit
      • The orbits lock the ball virtually until the third ball is locked and multiball starts
      • Blue lit shots are lit for jackpots
      • 3 jackpots light the super jackpot at the dead-end target just right of the Pharaoh shot
  3. Multiplier:
    • Hit the “X” targets around the playfield to light the playfield multiplier in one of the in-lanes. The light can be switched between in-lanes by using the flippers. Rolling the ball over the lit in-lane starts a 2x multiplier that lasts for a limited time. Hit the “X” targets again while in 2x to light the in-lane again for the potential of a 3x multiplier.

Dialed In

Get SIM cards (big points) by completing modes.

Start a mode: The different Disaster Modes are the orange part of the flow chart. You have to hit the QED guy (the electrician looking guy) enough times to light the cell phone border green. When the cell phone is green, the scoop below it will start a mode. At the beginning of the game, you need to hit QED once to light your mode, but this increases the more modes you have played.

How to complete a mode? Hit lit shots. The cell phone shows shots needed/left. The main screen will tell you what you have to hit, and the shots will be lit on the playfield. After making a lit shot, hitting the mode start scoop will add a little time. Complete the mode in the time allotted and you light your SIM card!

That seems really hard. Is there an easy way to complete a mode? Yes! You can use a Big Bang (light blue on the flow chart). During a mode, hitting a lit Big Bang target will automatically complete the mode and light the SIM card! The Big Bang target is tucked underneath the ramps just to the left of the theatre and above the SIM card scoop. Only aim for a lit Big Bang target when you have a mode running. The other options on the flow chart aren’t worth it.

Light Big Bang? The light Big Bang target is across from the upper flipper and changes color based on how far you are from completing it. When you have hit it enough times, the Big Bang target will be lit (and the light Big Bang target light will go out).

Other stuff that matters:

Extra ball lit (orange BOB left orbit light) after 3 modes have been played

Completing the B-O-B targets on the lower left relights your kickback and lights the left orbit for the Crazy Bobs awards (purple on the flow chart). A yellow BOB light means a crazy mode or bonus multiplier, orange is extra ball, and red is a random multiball.

Under Attack multiball (red on flow chart) is fun to play when it happens, but isn’t worth huge points.

Playing modes advances you towards the three wizard modes (orangy red in the flow chart).


Every shot from the upper flipper is either at a lit SIM card or at the light Big Bang target. Only if neither are lit will I go for the side ramp or a quick flip at lit mode start.

You can choose your modes! The phone shows what mode will start when the scoop is made. With the ball cradled, use the other flipper button to move the selected mode one past the mode you want to play. Then with a single flip (that moves it to the one you want) hit the mode start. The mode start can be backhanded from the right flipper

Learn which modes you are comfortable completing (and their symbols) and which are hard for you. When Big Bang is lit, start modes that are hard for you. When Big Bang is not lit, start modes that are easy for you (for me Meteor Storm, Flash Fires, and EMP with a kind theatre magnet).

The SIM card shot is tough and super important. I use multiballs not for points, but for hopeful random SIM card collects. When the theatre is not lit, a theatre shot will feed to the upper flipper for a direct shot at the SIM card. Indirect shots off the left meteor standup (just to the left of the theatre) and off the Big Bang target (if a ruber is not on a post between them) are possible.

The Big Bang shot is very narrow when QED is at rest on the left. You may have to move him out of the way to make the shot.

My plunge choices: If Big Bang is not lit, short plunge trying to get the skill shot that then feeds the upper flipper for a shot at the light Big Bang target. If Big Bang is already lit but my mode start is not, full plunge to the right flipper and directly hit QED while ball save is on. If both are already lit, I full plunge to the right flipper, hit the left ramp, then go for mode start from the left flipper.


  • Hit Peter Parker left horseshoe skill shot.
  • Push and hold the action button/”boom button” to cancel the multiball after hitting the middle “lock” ramp.
  • Hit the captive ball during multiball to get Carnage ready.
  • Peter Parker “all day” Strategy
    • Stay With Peter Parker
    • Go for Spot A Mini Mode Skill Shot
    • Start Mayhem Multiball First
    • Start Carnage MB During Mayhem Multiball
    • Collect Doppelganger When Lit
    • Start Toxin Team Up At The Scoop
Peter Parker “all day” Strategy

Foo Fighters

Dropdown skill shot > shoot Overlord lock or targets during ball save on (dangerous shots). One shot away from multiball, start a city mode, shoot the Overlord, and take care of the mode as you play it.

Van Modes
  • Spell V-A-N by hitting white lit shots
  • Go up the left ramp and the ball will be stopped at the van
  • Select your city

Every mode will play a corresponding song. There is a timer and progress bar in the top right of the screen.

Overlord Multiball
  • Hit the Overlord area until lit
  • Hit the ball into the Overlord to lock the ball and make it a captive ball
  • Hit the Overlord captive ball enough times to start the multiball

During the multiball, lock a ball back in the Overlord area to increase scoring.

Area 51 Multiball
  • On Pro, shoot the right ramp enough times to start Area 51 Multiball
  • On Premium/LE hit the lock targets on the upper playfield

Playfield multipliers are gained by the Rock-O-Meter at the right lane right above the shooter lane. Hitting the Chris right orbit will loop the ball back down through the Rock-O-Meter until it is maxed.

Shot multipliers are gained by hitting one of the Ray Gun Targets in the inlanes and then hitting the next shot to multiply it.

Bonus multipliers are gained by knocking down one or two of the Mod-ulator drop targets. Then sneaking by the third drop to hit the long standup bar target. This will give you a bonus multiplier, but the drops will go back up.


The Avengers


Infinity Gem Quests

  • Spin the Dr. Strange disc until you spell STRANGE to open the portal
  • Shoot the right ramp to hold ball above upper flipper
  • Choose and start your quest
  • Each quest has its own rules and shoots
  • Once the quest has been completed then you can collect the gem at the right ramp

Hitting the Dr. Strange disc after the ball goes through the right inlane gives you 2x per spin. After collecting the gem you can set it on one of the shots by hitting that shot. Gems give you different power-ups to help you advance.


Thor Multiball is the easy 2 ball multiball.

  • Hit the Thor captive ball to spell THOR
  • Hit the Thor captive ball again to start the multiball
  • Jackpots are at lit shots
  • Hitting enough jackpots lights the captive ball to collect a THOR letter
  • After spelling THOR you can hit the Avenger’s Tower for super jackpot

Iron Man Multiball is a 3 ball multiball.

  • Light each of the letters in IRON at the lanes
  • Spinning the Dr. Strange disc moves the lit lanes around
  • One all IRON letters are lit then ball locks are available at the Avenger’s Tower
  • Lock 3 balls at the tower to start the multiball
  • This is a phased multiball; hitting lit shots to light the Dr Strange disc to collect STRANGE letters
  • Once STRANGE letters are collected you need to hit the Avenger’s Tower to collect the super jackpot


There isn’t an overall playfield multiplier, but the Reality Gem gives a shot multiplier depending on the shot the gem is placed at.




  • Shoot the left and right ramp in any order
  • Shoot the lit left scoop to start the mission

Completing missions and other tasks awards you Beskar that can be used to purchase items in the Foundry.


Razor Crest Multiball

  • Shoot the center ramp Razor Crest target 3 times

There are different versions of the Razor Crest Multiball each with different rules. After you complete a Razor Crest Multiball, getting to the next multiball will take more hits to the target.


There are three ways to add a +1X playfield multiplier:

  • Complete Boba Fett targets
  • Complete Hunter
  • Complete Scope

If you have all three of the above multipliers running then you will get a +5X for a total of a 6X playfield multiplier.

Toy Story 4

Stranger Things

  • The six objectives listed on the center of the playfield must be solidly lit to start the final showdown, meaning all missions must be played to access it.
    • Make a 5-way combo – preferably early on, as this adds 10M to end-of-ball bonus.
    • Make three shots to either ramp or orbit to start a chapter from Season 1 or Season 2. Shoot the flashing shots to win the chapter and collect drawings. Wizard modes are qualified after 4, 8, 10, and 12 chapters. Starting enough chapters lights an extra ball.
    • Shoot the DEMODOG targets, then the left standup target, to start a Demodog Attack mode. There are three Demodog Attack modes in total.
    • Spell words at the center drop targets, then shoot the scoop behind them to battle the Demogorgon. The five modes all play slightly differently. Use the action button, once per game, to instantly kill a Demogorgon.
    • Shoot the LIGHT LOCK targets, followed by the left ramp, to lock balls for 3-ball Telekinesis Multiball. Collect jackpots at the flashing blue shots, then shoot the kicker to cash out the super jackpot.
  • Occasionally, the game will switch into Upside Down mode. Shoot the center drop targets to escape. Every other Upside Down requires the major shots to be made.
  • Shoot the Burn it Back loop to advance towards extra ball, Spell of Protection ball save & 2x Scoring at the kicker.
  • Complete the return lanes, which cycle with the flippers, to advance Bonus X and light mystery at the left standup target.



Planet Modes

  • Shoot 2 lit record shots until red light is flashing on Time Machine
  • Hit the Time Machine to start the mode
  • Hit all of the flashing shots lit as the color of the mode to finish it

The mode you play is determined by the color of the records you collected the most of. There is a mode progress bar in the top left of the display screen.


Time Machine Multiballs have 3 different multiball options all started the same way

  • Hit the Time Machine target 3 times when green lamp is on
  • On Premium/LE the ramp will raise
  • Hit the Time Machine to start the multiball

Each of the 3 multiballs; Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, and Fly By Night all have different rules with jackpots and super jackpots.

Far Cry Multiball is a 2 ball multiball.

  • Hit both targets on the sides of the right ramp
  • This lights the side scoop for lock
  • After locking a ball in the scoop, hit a either scoop to start the multiball
  • Jackpot shots are lit by different colors indicating the jackpot multiplier values
  • Collect enough jackpots to light Time Machine for super jackpot

After the first Far Cry multiball, lighting locks also requires hitting the right ramp.

Freewill Multiball is a 2 ball multiball.

  • Hit instrument drops to lock in the lit instrument
  • Knock down the remaining drops to collect the lit instrument
  • Collect all three instruments to light the Freewill lane
  • Hit the Freewill lane to start multiball
  • All shots are lit for jackpots
  • Hitting a jackpot shot makes it a super jackpot shot

After the first Freewill multiball, lighting locks requires more completions of the instruments.


Shot multipliers are lit by hitting rainbow shots after a mode is either qualified or finished and will last the remainder of the ball. More shot multipliers can be lit by hitting the same record color shots as the qualified mode before starting the mode. These only last while playing the mode.

The Godfather

Rules Overview:

  • Select a super skill shot by pressing the action button at the start of the ball. Some of these make it easier to start Multiballs.
  • Five Families Multiball – defeat four bad guys by shooting the center shot enough times (or orbits for the final bad guy of a set). Use the flippers for extra damage.
  • Compound Multiball – lock a ball at the Compound then lock another one there, or keep shooting the locked ball at the Compound target to increase the jackpots.
  • Turf War Multiball – collect the lit venture shots then shoot either lit orbit to lock balls.
  • Sicily Multiball – complete the 1-2-3 targets near the bumper or make skill shots there to light this at the left ramp. Shoot the Hideout from upper flipper for super jackpots.
  • Jobs – lit at Don’s office after collecting enough soldiers via switch hits. Follow the instructions on the display to light the cash out at the office. Either flip both flippers to keep going for increased values, or press the action button to cash out. These can be played and started at any point in the game.
  • Weapons playfield X – shoot the spinners to build up the weapon (above the left flipper, white inserts) and mash the action button to use it. Maximum weapon value is indicated by the furthest lit insert and increases the more times you use playfield X.


  • Gigan Strategy (Early Game)
    • Hit Two Ramps To Qualify Kaiju Battles
    • Select Gigan For Kaiju Battle
    • Hit Ramps 8 Times To Finish
    • Complete Destruction Jackpot
    • Begin Locking Balls For Godzilla Multiball
    • Change Cities Before Multiball Start
  • Titanosaurus / Godzilla Multiball (Mid-Game)
    • Change Cities Before Multiball Start
    • Hit Left & Right Ramp To Qualify Kaiju Battles
    • Start Ally At Scoop
    • Select Powerup Level 1 – Godzilla MB Jackpot +250k
    • Select Titanosaurus For Kaiju Battle
    • Start Godzilla Multiball
    • Hit Left & Right Ramp To Qualify Kaiju Battles
    • Start Rodan (2x) Ally At Scoop
    • Powerup Level 2 – Select Tier 1 Battle Time Bonus 5x
    • Select Titanosaurus For Kaiju Battle
    • Start Godzilla Multiball

Super Jackpot is now lit at the building 2x Super Jackpot can be collected with a reverse shot through the building Add-A-Ball available on the right spinner

Dr. No


Villain Modes

  • Shoot the villain ramp, bottom right ramp, 3 times
  • Ball will be stopped in the right inlane for presentation of mode
  • Shoot lit shots to complete the mode; progress bar displayed on screen

Henchmen Modes

  • Shoot the henchmen ramp, side ramp, once
  • Ball will be stopped in the right inlane for presentation of mode
  • Shoot lit shots to complete the mode; progress bar displayed on screen

The first Henchmen mode takes only one shot to the side ramp, but each mode after that takes more shots to start.

Q Branch Gadget Modes

  • Complete pops, spinner, orbits, “Goldfinger” target, Bird One, and Jetpack to light Gadget Modes at the DB5
  • Shoot the DB5 scoop to start the mode
  • Certain Gadget modes graduate into 2 or 4 ball multiballs


Bird One Multiball is the 3 ball multiball.

  • Knock down the drop targets in front of the rocket
  • Shoot the center shot between the rocket and the Dragon tank to lock balls
  • Locking 3 balls starts the multiball
  • Jackpots at lit shots; collecting all jackpots starts another level of jackpots
  • Super jackpot awards more depending on how many levels of the jackpots were collected

Completing the SPECTRE targets before starting the Bird One Multiball will increase jackpot values.

Jetpack Multiball is a 2 ball multiball.

  • Drop the ball in the inverted scoop under the top flipper to light Jetpack
  • Shoot the left orbit to the jetpack 3 times to have the ball grabbed by the jetpack magnet
  • Shoot the Dragon tank target to drop the ball from the jetpack


  • Completing different movie related features light the Bond Girls to be collected
  • Shooting the upper orbit under the pops collects the Bond Girl
  • Press the Action Button when lit, to start a timed Playfield Multiplier. Each lit character adds 1x. Light all for 7x scoring.

Guns & Roses

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