New & improved Aaron Van Noy

Aaron Van Noy

Aaron Van Noy on the hunt for a new job!

Who is Aaron Van Noy?

I like to think of myself as Aaron 3.2.857263 (Sorry, I’m a major technology/computer geek!) and I’ve worked hard to be an even better person. I’ve gone through so many things in my life that have only made me wiser, more creative and wealthier than ever before! Not wealthy in money, but in the things that truly matter in life! Family, friends and relationships that has been there through thick and thin. The best thing is, each day it keeps getting just that much better!

Website Design:

Please note: I often use this website as a crash test dummy to test out projects, wordpress themes, plugins, etc. So expect it to look different or even not working from time-to-time.

Looking to have a website made for your company? I’m a freelance website designer for a small company based out of North Carolina. I’ve studied for years learning html5, css3, WordPress, SEO, php and MORE! See Big Ten Website Design and Marketing in Iowa City, Iowa and actually be found on the internet! After all, if you aren’t on the first page of google or bing’s results, you aren’t being found on the web!

Medical Illustration:

I am an accomplished medical illustrator. I worked for Medical Legal Art for over 6 years. I still spend hours in photoshop every day. I use a Wacom tablet and still enjoy illustrating on the side. My my main focus these days is writing articles for Klygo or pinball. It’s kinda takes a back seat. I’ve helped out a little known company called Inky Mouse Studios with some of her illustrations. She and I graduated from RIT together YEARS ago.


Another one of my loves is pinball! I own several pinball machines and have for almost 15 YEARS! I also own several pinball related websites. We Buy Pinball, arcade games, and much more for the most cash! Sell a game, We buy pinball, skee ball, video arcade games, big ball bowlers and more. Funny pinball related t-shirt called I Love Knockers. A knocker is device that lets you know you’ve won a free game in pinball. These days I’m known as “Professor Pinball“.

Volcano and Monte Carlo pinball machines at my home.

Volcano and Monte Carlo pinball machines at my home.

I help find a new home for your unwanted arcade games with Cash For Pinball Machines!